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Food Suggestions For The New Arrivals In The HBNU

Time:2018 04 04 Click:5528
One of the main concerns that new arrivals have is about the food, as it it's the thing that can either help you to survive or can lead you to serious health issues. However as far as the food in Zhangjiakou and especially in the campus (Hebei North University) is concerned, it is quite healthy and notorious. There are two different cafeterias located in the campus, each providing both western and Chinese food.  Famous restaurants such as Macdonald, KFC, pizza hut, burger king, EVO and star bucks are found easily in the markets of Zhangjiakou. Many students tend to cook their own meal either in the dormitory or their apartments as everyone has different taste.

It is difficult to adjust yourself in a completely new atmosphere, however here are some of the suggestions which can help you to survive in Zhangjiakou and more in Hebei North University:
  • In the beginning try to collaborate with one of your seniors and get to know about the whereabouts especially about the restaurants.
  • Cooking your own meal is always one of the best choices in such situations.
  • Eating fresh fruits which are easily available in the market can be of some help.
  • Trying new food sounds cool but before trying a new taste it is better to adjust your taste buds to what they are already used of.
Food suggestions for the new arrivals in the HBNU

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