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Feeling of Classes at Hebei North University

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The university of Hebei North University has been very student friendly ever since being built, the university has been able to accommodate students from different countries over the years, where by there were more students from Pakistani during the first years of foundation, then as it got famous throughout the globe a lot of students joined in for study purposes.

Each student has different feelings and expression about the university and the amount of success obtained from the good education in over the years. The 2015 batch has presented one of the students currently in third year who viewed and talked of how the class experience through the university feels.

"my name is Kelvin Daudi, I am a 2015 batch student from section A. Our university has a lot of comfortable classes and able to accommodate more than 60 students in one class". Kelvin went more further speaking about the laboratories for conducting experiments and how the lectures are being organized throughout the week.

"We have had lecturers who work on time to class, they are very friendly with all the students, they go as far as trying to understand the culture of each student and make everyone comfortable in during class sections. Our lectures and coordinators teach us more about time management, just like how Mr. Wang says "the best specialists run with time as it cut in to two different sides". 

Kelvin Daudi is a student of the third year in the second semester, taking medical lessons like Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Medical statistics, Physical diagnostics, and nuclear pathology. He is expecting to finish off from the university with a degree in the medical knowledge, furthermore with an experience in the life abroad especially in China and so it is a dream of all his friends. And after completion of the course, he will be heading for a masters degree in the same major in abroad university because with him life abroad has been of so many lessons and benefits.

Feeling of Classes at Hebei North University

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