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Fast Track For China MBBS Application

Time:2016 11 04 Click:5819
MBBS- Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, has found a home in China, or has at least been a growing course of study in a lot of universities in this country, and we can all agree to this. From a singular but rather rational point of view, I could say that this positive growth stems from the relatively hassle-free application process compared to other places in the world. For those of you, who have been wondering how and where to start, the answer to your problems lies within this piece.

First of all, for a typical MBBS application inHebei North University, for example, the first line of contact obviously be the school’s website through the internet, where you can get telephone numbers of the admission office of the school. You’ll then be directed through all required documents for application. These would usually include a transcript of your high school results, and well-recognized certificates as well. You’ll also need to scan the bio-page of your passport. Prior to all to all these, the office would have already emailed an application letter as well as a health evaluation form which you’ll have to fill, the latter with the help of a doctor. All these documents are scanned and emailed to the office, along with an admission fee, which would vary very little from school to school, usually not more than 600$, postage inclusive.

What next? Most of you would be wondering by now. I say you sit tight as your documents are assessed by the school and later processed at the immigration in your school’s jurisdiction. This shouldn’t normally take more than a month, after which a folder containing your letter of admission, your school fee structure and a visa recommendation form from the immigration, called a JW202 form. Shipping shouldn’t take more than 7 working days.

See? As easy as ABC, right? Now take a bold step and start your application now!

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