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Events That Took Place In 2017

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Umoja, the annual program organized by the African Students Union (ASU), came off on Friday 10th November 2017. The program is dubbed UMOJA, which is translated from an African language as "togetherness". The program truly reflected its name, just like the Unions slogan, "UNITY IN DIVERSITY". The 2017 version of the UMOJA event, unlike previous years, aimed to categorically showcase things from Africa. Everything that was displayed had its history and value. Subdivisions were created to make sure every geographical location in Africa could flaunt what was special to them. There were the north, south, east, west and central parts of Africa all having separate exhibitions. They each brought displays of food, clothes and various other ornaments that could be found in their regions. One thing was duly noted though, even with great distances between countries, the similarities showed that Africa will always have that UMOJA.

In the view of the history of art, artistic work is believed to be as old as the age of mankind, however, there are changes that took it straight ahead of all other studies. Art is believed to be one of the languages that is spoken by anyone and anywhere around the globe. On Nov.13th 2017 the academy of arts of Hebei North University held an oil painting exhibition on the East campus. The hall where the paintings were exhibited was full of colors and eye-catching art, there were many artists themselves to describe their ideas as well as the reasons behind their artwork. All the paintings were done by the students of the 2016 collection of art education. It was a creative art oil painting exhibition. Many students also use the physical material in their works. What a visual feast!

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