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Construction Demonstration And Product Testing Of Hebei Agricultural Laboratory

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On April 28th, a group of seven experts including Li Zhiping, Director of the Science and Technology Platform Construction and Basic Research Division of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, and Deputy Director Liang Chao, jointly developed the “Hebei Province Agricultural Products” jointly developed by our school and Zhangjiakou Jianye Food Safety Technology Co., Ltd. The construction and operation implementation plan of Key Laboratory of Testing Instruments and Reagents will be tested for feasibility. The principal Song Hongru, Vice President Peng Wei, the research department and key laboratory team members attended the demonstration meeting, and the relevant person in charge of the Zhangjiakou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau also participated in the demonstration meeting.

Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory Wei Dong's research project on the construction of the laboratory from the construction objectives and positioning, research direction and content, organizational structure and operation management, research conditions, team and capacity building, funding and safeguard measures and annual work plan and assessment Goals and other six aspects were reported, and the expert group conducted an on-site inspection of the laboratory's scientific research infrastructure and the construction of research and test conditions. Later, the experts discussed the construction and development of the laboratory. After questioning and replying, the expert group unanimously believed that the key laboratory was in line with the requirements for the construction and layout of key laboratories in Hebei Province, and it was helpful to promote the support of agricultural products and co-construction units in agricultural products. The scientific research capacity in the field of food quality safety and testing will help strengthen the construction of food safety disciplines in our province and the training of high-level personnel, which will help to further improve Hebei's scientific and technological innovation system and serve the socio-economic development of Hebei Province. The expert group unanimously agreed to adopt the demonstration and suggested that it be included in the construction sequence of provincial key laboratories, and further refine the research direction, refine the research content, clarify the school-enterprise cooperation mechanism, and clarify the division of functions.

Lastly, President Song Hongru thanked the Department of Science and Technology and all the experts for their great support and assistance for the construction and development of the university over the years. He also stated that he would further improve the construction of key laboratories in accordance with the opinions and suggestions put forward by the expert group. To achieve the key laboratory construction goals.

Construction Demonstration And Product Testing Of Hebei Agricultural Laboratory

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