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Common Problems Of Students In HBNU

Time:2018 03 23 Click:4844
The life of a student is always considered as a struggling life that includes every small struggle he puts from getting up early from his bed in the morning till he gets to sleep in the night. Yet there are still some difficulties that this lad faces in his struggling life. Here are some of the common issues a typical foreign student faces while studying in HBNU.

Academic Issues:

The Problem: Like most international students, you may be very serious about succeeding academically. After all, you did travel across the globe to receive your education. Still, sometimes it doesn't matter how hard you try—some tasks may be too challenging. This can be especially true for medical students.

The Solution: Talk to your teachers or seniors! Most professors want to help their students succeed. Though it may make you nervous at first, utilize resources like office hours and study groups. Stop in to talk to your seniors if you are struggling with a particular topic. It is perfectly acceptable to actively seek help when you are having a hard time. If your professors are unable to help you themselves, they can refer you to resources that they think will be helpful, like your university's academic writing center.


The Problem: Moving away to school is a major transition, even when you aren't moving a two-day plane ride away. It's easy to quickly fall into homesickness, especially if you find yourself feeling isolated. You may start missing your family, your friends, the customs of your home country, and even the food you are used to eating.

The Solution: Once again, the solution to this struggle is to make friends! While it’s great to call home sometimes to chat with your family and friends, you shouldn't rely on this contract to keep yourself from being homesick. Instead, you should spend lots of time with new friends. These can be both international students like yourself and Chinese students. You may find that it makes you feel better to tell your new friends about your life at home, to sometimes speak your native tongue with friends from your country, to teach foreign words to native Mandarin speakers, and even to expose your new friends to the foods you are accustomed to eating.

Common Problems Of Students In HBNU

Staying Active:

The Problem: Your lifestyle may change drastically when you move to school. If you're anything like other students, you’ll probably find yourself spending lots of time sitting around. Whether you're hanging out with friends, sitting in class or studying for exams you may have a hard time getting the same amount of exercise you're used to. On top of that, the new foods you’re eating may be drastically different from (and greasier than) your regular diet

The Solution: Don't be afraid to try going to the gym! Most gyms are quite close by to the university. However, they tend to be a bit pricey. If your student budget doesn't allow for a gym membership, the wonderful thing about China is that they have basic gym equipment in every park and it doesn't cost a thing. Even if physical exercise has never been your cup of tea, you should make an attempt to do something other than hanging out in your dorm room or apartment. Consider joining an academic or social club, and try to become familiar with Zhangjiakou by using public transportation and going for walks. Staying busy and active will also help you avoid homesickness.

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