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China- The Most Favored Destination English Medium MBBS Study

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MBBSis the most applied course in higher institutions of studies and also provides graduates with the most lucrative job available on the job market (I.e. Medical doctor). One may ask then where is the best place to study MBBS in English medium?

China is the most favored destination to study MBBs by most high school graduates who aspire to study abroad. Studying abroad especially MBBS comes with its own headaches such as cost of tuition and living expenses, safety and others.

The Chinese government in conjunction with various Chinese medical universities has subsidized the tuition of MBBS studies in China for both its citizens and International students.MBBS study in Chinais 70% lower compared to the USA and U.K. in terms of tuition and living expenses. An interview with a 4th year medical student in Hebei North University, Madam Esther Sekai Shana, she said, “ I was glad to get admission to study in China and since my arrival even though tuition is very low compared to private institutions in Zambia, the government still grants us very reasonable scholarships depending on our performance and also in my stay in China the price of clothing’s, shoes and other basic materials I use have never increased.”

China is known as one of the countries spear heading technology in the world. This has led to Chinese medical universities having some of the best and modern medical gadgets known to man. Practical classes in laboratories are never boring. Laboratories are well equipped with advanced technological tools and microscopes making the study of MBBS really interesting and illustrative to the understanding of students.

English medium studies of MBBS in China cannot be said without the mention of experienced and distinguished professors who have impeccable knowledge in the use of English language and modern methods in medicine, since MBBS is an ever-changing course with new methods being brought up. MBBS study in china is most favored by students due to the availability of visiting professors from the U.K., USA and Australia trooping in monthly to impact their knowledge to students.

Parents and guardians always think about the safety of their kids. Without saying China has one of the biggest and safest cities in the world with crime rate at a really low estimation compared to the USA which has lots of gang fights and also the rise in guns being bought illegally and leading to lost of life each and everyday.

This all add up to make china the most favored destination tostudy MBBS in English medium.

China- the most favored destination English medium MBBS study
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