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Canadian Professors Visited Hebei North University

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Three professors from Canada, Manitoba University, School of pharmacy visited Hebei North University.
Three professors from Manitoba University
Canadian Professors Visited Hebei North University
Time: (2015-10-16)

On the 12th of October , our University’s Pharmacy Department invited three professors, the Dean, Neal M. Davies, Vice Dean, Professor Gong Yuewen, and Professor Frank J. Burczynski from the University of Manitoba, school of Pharmacy to visit our school. 

Our University's very own President, Professor Zhang Li, welcomed the visitors and explained in detail the overall state of our university. Both sides had a discussion mainly about scientific research, teaching and cultivation of students’ creative ability and other topics of mutual interests. The visiting professors gave a good evaluation of the rapid development of our university.

The three scholars, subsequently accompanied by the Head of Pharmacy Department experts cheerfully visited the labs of the pharmacy experimental centre, animal laboratory and neurophysiology experimental laboratory. The experts expressed great interests in the work done by the pharmacy experimental centre and said that there will be exchanges and cooperation with the laboratory team to achieve a win-win development on both sides in the future.

After the visit, these renowned scholars held discussions with representatives of the Pharmacy department and post-graduate students. During the discussions, some teachers introduced their research and present state and progress, the visiting scholars, students and teachers had a friendly discussions on issues of scientific research. After the discussions, the experts visited our university's life sciences centre and the library.

School of pharmacy, Manitoba University, Canada and our university have maintained a good cooperative relationship over the years. A number of teachers from our school’s pharmacy department have already visited Manitoba university’s school of pharmacy and learned a lot of experience, new methods of personnel training and scientific research methods. 

The Dean, Neal M. Davies' visit to our school was his first and also his first official visit to China. The beautiful campus left on him a positive deep impression. The three professors are specialized in various areas, pharmaceutical analyst, pharmacist, and molecular pharmacologist.

Further exchanges and cooperation between the two universities in the future will play a further role in promoting the overall development of the pharmaceutical multidiscipline.

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