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AU Day Observed In Hebei North University

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AU day is celebrated allover Africa to commemorate the establishment of the organization of African unity (OAU; French: organization de l’unite africaine (OUA)) on the 25 may 1963 which was later disbanded on 9th July 2002 and replaced by the African union, as such on the 25th may 2016 the African student union of HBNU wit

collaboration from the faculty members of Hebei north university made it possible for students especially African students to also celebrate the occasion.

One may ask why was the OAU established? It was established back when, most African countries were still being colonized and yet to gain

their independence. The OAU was a catalyst leading to liberation of all African states from colonial rule.

HBNU boast of a very large African community of students, with students from over 30 African countries. This led to creation of the African student’s union which prides itself for being a mediator of all affairs relating with the school and African students and their embassy. The current president of the union, Agyen Samuel Adu from

Ghana with his other executives organized a memorable African union day celebration on the campuses of HBNU.

On the D-day there was a sporting event (football and Basketball) held at the east campus of HBNU. Teams were based on the regions in Africa (West Africa, East Africa, Central Africa, North Africa and Southern of Africa). The football game was won by the West African team. the basketball was really engorging as it had the

Southern African team and eastern African team competition for the Gold, the southern African team came out victors at the end with scores of 110- 105.

This was followed 2 hours later by a concert, exhibiting the riveting culture of Africa as it was themed and titled Africa UMOJA (UMOJA, the Swahili word for unity). It was a pomp show with the embodiment of true African culture and spirit.it was held at the school’s auditorium. The assistant director of education at the international

exchange center of HBNU was present and she came on stage to voice out her appreciation of the commitment of all the students towards the success of the program.

AU day in HBNU has come to stay and will be observed annually, all are invited to join us. Long live Africa, long live China, long live HBNU.
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