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Agriculture Science Ceremonies and Seminars

Time:2018 05 27 Click:4963
In order to ensure the smooth realization of the grand goal of building a well-to-do society in an all-round way, we will conscientiously do a good job of "National 10,000 agricultural science joint practice actions". On the morning of May 12th, the 2018 national joint practice of agricultural sciences in North China started the ceremonies and work seminars. Held at Tianjin Agricultural College. The College of Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology as a member unit of the National Agricultural College Collaborative Development Alliance attended the meeting. The meeting discussed the 2018 agricultural science and joint practice action plan and determined that the theme of this year's joint practice action is “to help the precision poverty alleviation and the rural rejuvenation". Ten members units of the North China Region of the National Agricultural Cooperative Development Coalition jointly launched the 2018 joint practice in the North China Region. It was attended by many natives in Tianjin who collectively had their words to thank for the 10,000 agriculture science joint practice action.

With the high attention of school party committees, since joining the National Agricultural College Collaborative Development Alliance in 2016, the team has gone deep into the villages and villages for scientific and technological support for agriculture for two consecutive years, visiting visits to sympathy, literature and art, and social surveys, among which 5 teams Received the summer social practice outstanding team title awarded by the delegation.

The team as also said a lot of thanks to their training expertise and their organization or supporting them throughout the journey, and so they are willing to do the best in offering their services of offering the Agricultural science education and attending to ceremonies and seminars not only in Tianjin college but also many more colleges and universities in China with the urge to learn about agriculture science and all the contents.

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