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Japan H-7650 Transmission Electron Microscope

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Japan H-7650 Transmission Electron Microscope | Hebei North University

This equipment is designed for biological and pharmaceutical fields, materials and the development of the most advanced in the field of transmission electron microscopy. It is standard equipped with a high-sensitivity CCD camera; the electron beam at low doses can get the best contrast images. A manual control panel or PC can control CCD camera. Images can be stored on the display down to a digital format. With more automation features such as auto focus, autoeliminatesastigmatism, automatic camera, etc.; has an image database functions, length measurement, image filtering and strong expansion of functions, such as three-dimensional reconstruction and so on.

H-7650 TEM operating procedures

1. Turn on the power, voltage regulators and recycled water

2. The host key is screwed onto EVAC ON, five minutes later, screwed into CONL ON; computer is turned on and automatically enters the workstations, the instrument automatically vacuum

3. H-7650 host computer running the software

4. After a good vacuum pump, high voltage, do light path alignment

5. The sample rod into the low times looking slices, high magnification images to find

6. The brightness dimmed, the screen cover, start CCD system for taking pictures

7. Close CCD systems;

8. Closing pressure, exit H-7650 software, the objective lens and the sample rod exit aperture optical path, turn off the computer;

9. Will host key screwed to EVAC ON, five minutes later, screwed to OFF

10. Closed loop water, regulators, and power.

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