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Asmat Hussein

Time:2018 02 01 Click:12979
I am Asmat Hussein, and this is my story. Medicine is a special way of life, and everyone can attest to that fact. I had decided to live this way back in High School, and it was a choice well thought about. What I did not know was that there was a bigger mountain climb, a bigger war to fight as the universities in my country had very few seats available for medical school applicants that it almost seemed impossible for exceptional students as myself to make it through.

Once I realized this, I set off on my journey of looking for an equally good or even place to fulfill my heart’s desire overseas. I was still heartbroken that my own country had done so little to give students like me the chances we so much deserve. The search for my final decision was everything but easy. It was 2014, people had little knowledge of the world around them, my parents were breaking their bank accounts to make sure I had the best they could offer, and I in return had to make it easy on them as far as cost was concerned, I had three siblings and I had to keep them in mind too.

With all these, I was aware that my school had to qualify my standards of finance, quality of education, education, cost of living and accreditation of the university. I did a very extensive research on different universities in different countries. I sought advice from other medical students abroad.

Finally, I made a huge list of medical universities from different countries. As I continued to strike off school that did not match my criteria, it became clear to me that the optimum place for studying medicine was China, and with that, I did not need to waste time searching in other places and that narrowed my search to one country.

Here forth, I sought to look for agencies which recruited students into medical schools in China. A reasonable number of schools were brought to the table during this time. I had the chance to talk to some friends who were studying abroad and they all seemed to convince me to choose Hebei North University if I was really looking forward to study medicine. I took a critical look and research in terms of accreditation and rankings which further confirmed what my friends told me.

At last, I took my first bold step started my application process and within a month, I had secured my visa to travel to China. I went to have an internship back in my country last vacation, and it was one of the greatest feelings to find out that my choice had paid off and I was ‘on top of my game’ as a third-year medical student, as my supervisor said. Now I brim with faith and confidence anytime I step inside a classroom because I know I am being brought up to be one of the best ever.

Thank you.

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