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American BD Company FACSAria Flow Cytometer

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American BD Company FACSAria Flow Cytometer, Hebei North University

Model: FACSAria

Manufacturer: American BD Company

First, the main technical indicators

488nm and 633nm dual laser configuration, which can do multi-color analysis and sorting.

Second, the functions and features

1. Self-flow car, meet all the requirements needed to run the flow, including pressure system, no external gas source;

2. Automatic cleaning, automatic mixing;

3. The world's only high-speed desktop sorting, sorting speeds of up to 50,000 cells / sec;

4. All-digital system, eliminating electronic dead time, making the analysis of the speed increase to 70,000 / sec, and can be adjusted to compensate for any fluorescence parameters

5. Two-way or four-way sorting, sorting collection device Optional: cell culture plates

6. Intelligent sorting settings, software control

7. Automatic monitoring of flow with alarm function.

BD FACSAria flow cytometry procedures

First, the instrument boot process

1. Prior to boot, check the sheath fluid flow car barrels and barrels were filled sheath cleaning fluid and cleaning fluids, waste containers emptied;

2. Open the power supply

3. Open flow cytometry and laser switching power switch

4. Turn on the computer, start the Diva program

5. After the online success, running Fluidics Startup Shutdown procedures

6. Open flow; wait 5-10 minutes after the machine stable start the experiment.

Second, testing procedures

According to experimental purposes, the establishment of a template, on the order of samples for testing.

Third, the instrument shutdown

1. Switch off the laser

2. Close the stream

3. Run Fluidics Shutdown procedures, like Rinsa and distilled water in order

4. In order to turn off computers, printers, instruments and host, power supply, in order to prolong the life of laser tube and ensure the normal operation of the application software

5. Fill in the registration form to use.

Note: The interval of the shutdown power is at least 30min, open at least 30min after shutdown.

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