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Preventive Veterinary Medicine

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Preventive Veterinary Medicine profession has been identified as the main subjects suffered by the previous school, the department put emphasis on leaders and experts in equipment funds, teachers’ configuration, personnel training has been subject to relative advantage in veterinary professional education and school plays a role in Tai Zhuzi.
The discipline has 16 people, including 1 professor, 4 associate professors, 1 senior technician, 7 lecturers and experimental divisions and 1 assistant. There are 3 doctorates, 3 people with a master's degree. Disciplines and teaching programs in the implementation process in order to highlight the relevance and strengthen practical, theoretical programs for the degree, and strengthen ability to cultivate the production line of application-oriented veterinary personnel as the guiding ideology, open enough experimental class, practice time to ensure that the production line always establish and maintain the status of infectious diseases in key practice and graduation examination.
Especially since the formation of Hebei North University, along with school reform, the pace of development, adaptation, and creation of undergraduate school up the needs of the veterinary profession, the academic development has made great strides in terms of quality of teachers and equipment conditions, Currently, the Department of Veterinary Medicine discipline bears almost all professional animal science department such as veterinary microbiology, infectious diseases of livestock, livestock and livestock Parasitological.
“Animal and Plant Quarantine undergraduate” provides the appropriate faculty, knowledge, and equipment. Scientific research in recent years has assumed the provincial and municipal scientific research projects with 6 Hebei Science and Technology Progress Award, and gradually formed a number of promising research directions, such as “molecular mechanisms of bacterial resistance,” “hypertrophy the nature of the molecular biology of cells,” “parasite immunity", etc., required to deal with the human side of these studies, social and technological development.
The 23 pedagogical personnel: 5 professors, 2 professors sponsored by the state government, 7 associate professors, 7 lecturers and experimental division: 4 research assistants and technicians.

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