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Kingsley Semekor

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The University and its staff made the transition smooth for me and my experience here has been incredible since I have met friends for life

Studying medicine is getting tougher due to limited seats and other factors, due to these reasons, numerous students check out the options to study abroad to become qualified doctors. Although taking the overseas route in the healthcare industry has been in prevalence for quite some time, over the past decade, there has been an increase in the number of students traveling abroad to pursue medicine.

During the process of choosing the medical universities abroad, there are several factors that the students need to keep in mind to enable him/her to choose the option most suitable for them.

It is very essential that the country which the student is researching to study medicine is recognized as one of the best study abroad destination by the WHO, IMED, and other international medical boards. These things are essential so that the future employment opportunity of the student isn't destroyed.

Secondly, the country should be developed and have a broad dimension for their healthcare sector in terms of innovation, technological advancement in hospitals, patient care management, exposure to different diseases to treat and prevent, etc., so that the student is able to learn from the external environment as well. This will help the student with the clinical aspects of the course.

In general, students would want to pursue medical studies in first world countries like China, UK, Russia, Ukraine and Australia etc.  These countries have highly advanced training methodology, global faculty, and a well-equipped campus. These countries create that adorable atmosphere that enables students to find happiness and satisfaction throughout their studies and career. Their curriculum is structured to prepare the students for the board exams of medical councils worldwide. These are the most popular destinations for studying medicine abroad.

Before narrowing your options, the student must prepare a financial plan and the sponsor must understand the financial burden that studying abroad would incur. Students need to understand that after MBBS, they are required to do go for an MD and pursue a super specialty if they want to be successful and earn well in the future. As the healthcare sector is undergoing series of reforms and technological changes, specializations are becoming a norm and an area where doctors are getting paid well. Thus, students need to prepare for their masters program whiles studying MBBS. The student should prepare his/her budget in such a way that advanced studies after MBBS is possible.

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