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Postgraduate Program

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2014 Hebei North University Master students application details. For more information please follow the steps below:

1. Programs/Specialties

Clinical medicine (medicine, surgery, gynecology, etc.), pharmacy, basic medical profession (pharmacology, pathology and path physiology, human anatomy,Embryologyand so on )

2. Learning forms and duration.

Full-time learning;3-years study period, no more than five years;

3. Eligibility

I. Applicants should be non-Chinese nationals, have a valid foreign passport. Health and medical standards in line with Chinese institutions of higher learning, good conduct, compliance with laws and the regulations of the Chinese government;

II. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree and they must be below 40 years of age;

III. Applicants are required to have HSK Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) level four certificate to meet the entry requirements for academic standards. Those who have not yet passed the required level have to study intensive Chinese for one or two semesters, after which they will have to take the test which if they pass they can now begin their clinical studies.

4. Time of application.

Admission begins from the 1st of July to the 1st of September.

5. Required documents

I. Applicants are required to fill in the application form of Hebei North University and place their passport picture as required on the form.

II. Certificates of degrees previously obtained must be attached and they should be in either English or Chinese.

III. Two original letters of recommendation from associate professors or more scholars.

IV. Graduated from the official transcript must be Chinese or English originals or notarized;

V. Transcripts of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) exam;

VI. A copy of passport.

6. Admission and enrollment

Every year Hebei North University admits students for September and March session an "admission notice" and JW202 form is issued to applicants that have been accepted. With the "Admission Notice" and JW202 form applicants are required to go to the Chinese Embassy or consulate and apply for student visa. Students are also required to present all documents including "Admission Notice", JW202 form and " Physical Examination form" for admission registration formalities. Students must hold an ordinary passport and X visa for the processing of residence permit after arrival within 30 days.

7. Contact

Address: Hebei North University, 11-South Diamond Road, Gaoxin District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, P.R China.


Human Anatomy, Histology and Embryology
Pathogenic Biology
Pathology and Path physiology
Psychiatry and Mental Health
Dermatology and Venereology

General Surgery
Cardiothoracic Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Burn & Plastic Surgery
Clinical Laboratory Science
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy
Sports Medicine
Emergency Medicine

Internal medicine
Kidney Disease
Digestive Disease
Blood disease
Infectious disease
Cardiovascular disease
Respiratory Disease
Endocrine and metabolic diseases
Medical Informatics
Medicinal Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Analysis
Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy

Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
Radiation Medicine

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