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Wanda Aritaka

Time:2018 02 01 Click:13067
My name is Wanda Aritaka, I'm from Bahrain and I'm studying at Hebei North University. I arrived a month ago and since then I must admit it has been better than I expected.

The university is beautiful and the natives are friendly. I am often mistaken for a Chinese but it's good for the giggles. It's fair to say that I fit right in.

When I applied to study in china I received a response in a very short period of time. The university officials advised me throughout the process as to what I had to do to ensure I was granted entry into the country easily.

It was a bit of a culture shock as this was the first time I was actually travelling but eventually I became comfortable and got familiar with everything.

The classrooms at the university accommodate for 100 students sometimes however the lecturers ensure that every student gets individual attention. This is one of characteristics I must emphasis that I love about this university. The teachers always take time and put in 100% effort to make sure students understand every concept well.

Travelling to china was tedious to say the least but when I arrived the long wait and ferocious turbulence had all been worth it.

China is a country that has the ability to leave a tourist speechless at the mere sight of ancient landmarks or glorious attractions but to a student it is a world of euphoria that you do not want to  wake up from.

Everything about the city and the country has been picturesque till date. The education system has been remunerative and I cannot wait to go further into the course.

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