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Iddi Sumaila

Time:2018 02 01 Click:13369
I am Iddi Sumaila, and I am currently having a practical session at a hospital in the USA following the summer vacations. Three years ago, I was in a state of free fall, and China saved my life.

When I finished high School back in Ghana, where I come from, I decided to pursue medicine in Ukraine. I ended up getting my heart’s desire, but my joy was short-lived. Two years into my study in Ukraine, there was an unrest where I schooled. It was what seemed like a war between the military and rebels and life became particularly hard for us students. Some students had even flown back home to flee from the danger, while others like myself waited in hope for a resolve to the conflict. Contrary to our wishes however, that did not happen.

I arrived one afternoon from school only to find out that my hostel had been bombed and crushed into rubbles as the conflict had intensified. I had no option than to return home. I had not given up hope, but I added safety and affordability to the top of my list as I searched other places to restart my tertiary education. I also had to get back to school as soon as possible and admissions were almost closing. As it happened, China fit all those categories and all I had to do was choose from a list of good schools to study with a piece of mind and the speed of application was lightning fast.

I take internships in different countries during vacations to evaluate how good I am doing and I must say that I am very much on track and my

university is one with a world class standard, thanks to Hebei North University.

Iddi Sumaila- MBBS Program For Students From Ghana
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