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Eco-friendly Campus

Time:1 August 2014 Click:10074

In 2009, HBNU moved from its old campus to the new campus. The school administration paid high attention to the constructing of a green environment on campus.

Under the joint efforts of all the teachers and students, there are about 245,992 square meters of green space, about 40,768 varieties of trees of which are 45 different tree species: weeping willow, populous bologna, arborvitae, Sabina chine sis, flowering plum, Alexandria laurel, plum robin Idaho, planate, modeling Chinese pagoda tree, ginkgo balboa, ruby, the pentagon maple, peach, apricot, purple tree, upright gold leaf elm, spruce, wavelet, lobular privet, lotus become warped, corns alba, pearl mea, sandy lam, Mongolia, clove, yellow muddy, birch, catalpa ovate, pinups tabulaeformis, Boston ivy, gold and silver wood, red Wang Ziti belt and so on, with a lawn area of about 40954 square meters.
The entire campus has an excellent view with nice people. Zhangjiakou becomes the only city with no pollution and suitable for living till the north of Yangtze River because of its unique climate. Now, our campus has been built not only to contain people that reflects the campus culture but also the rich and modern atmosphere. It is suitable for teaching and scientific research and becomes a natural environment school that is fit for living.

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