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Pakistani Education Counsellor to China Held a Forum for Pakistani Students

Time:3 January 2017 Click:5210
Pakistani education counselor held a forum for Pakistani students in Hebei North University. This forum was held in the hall of Yi Fu library on the second floor. The leader, Xu Tong, in International Education Affair Center hosted the forum.

Over 160 Pakistani students in Hebei North University attended the forum.  At the forum, Mr. Naveed Hassan depicted the long history and the deep friendship between Pakistan and China. And he also urged the students to obey Chinese laws and regulations in university. Mr. Naveed Hassan hoped all the Pakistani students here would make full use of time in China to study hard and get knowledge in order to contribute to their own country.

All the Pakistani students in the forum had a nice conversation with Mr. Naveed Hassan about some problems in life and study. The atmosphere in the forum was brisk and all the students and teachers there had a good time. 

In the future, the university would invite more officials to hold a forum or conversation with our students, aiming at making students know about different cultures and educations; educate students on the international horizon, and competitive spirit. Meanwhile, through this, we can promote the contact between Hebei North University and many other universities abroad and also show how amazing Hebei North university is. Due to the reputation, we have, more countries know about this university.

Pakistani Education Counsellor

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