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Leica CM1900 Freezing Microtome

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Leica CM1900 Freezing Microtome

The device features:

Leica CM1900 freezing slicer, automatic retreat electronic device, spiral sliced advance, the more advanced features unique dual compressor was frozen, frozen specimen storage units 10, the temperature can drop to -50 C, freezing faster, higher slice the stability and integrity, high-quality technical performance.


1. In order to ensure the normal operation and the safety of operating personnel and laboratory equipment, there should be a post-qualification training by the room staff to operate the equipment before independence.

2. Into the room, when using the equipment, personnel appointments in advance are required to do all the preparation work before slicing.

3. Before using the device it should boot three hours in advance, and set a good slice temperature, in order to enable the device to achieve the optimal steady state.

4. The sample prop Tu OTC,pastingtissue. Constant freezing cold box placed.

5. To be frozen solid tissue, the sample holder to your slicer sample arm.

6. Loaded knives, knife folder opens, put a new blade knife carefully into the folder, pull a knife folder lock button and the blade clamp.

7. Check the distance between the blade and slice tissue, before and after adjusting the sample arm push button to adjust the relationship between the organization and the blade section between.

8. Check the slice thickness setting knob to adjust to the desired position. Start slicing.

9. Slicing is completed; the slicer high temperature rises to about -10 C.

10. Clean slicer internal and external work area.

11. Fill in the record and check out with the staff before leaving.

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