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Leica ASP300 S Dehydrator

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Leica ASP300 S Dehydrator

The main instrument functions and features:

1. Agents of the corrosion-resistant color touch screen control

2. Simplified software with context-sensitive online help sexual function.

3. To achieve real-time application and maintenance support RemoteCare ™ system.

4. A comprehensive security system detection reagent compatibility with mass letter

5. Can detect potential failures before the official launch of the program.

6. With remote perfusion and discharge functions.

7. With enhanced reagent management system (RMS).

8. For precise temperature control and reagent shorter procedures, stirring.

9. There are four kinds of user-defined cleaning procedures.

10. Can take the initiative to paraffin cleaning procedures.

Leica ASP300 S dehydration procedures


1. Turn the power on, the instrument panel "on / off" to "on" position, the right side of the instrument "on stop" switch in the "on" position.

2. The instrument takes a few minutes to initialize.

3. Open the sample compartment, into the sample.

4. Select "favorites", select the setup process before running can be edited, press "edit", a message appears and press "yes", the program editor window, enter the appropriate parameter appears, press "back", after the completion of exit dialog.

5. According to "finish time", in the input window, set the new end time.

6. The dialog box press "start" to start the program, then appears, press "OK" to confirm.

•Buttons, if you need to modify the program which is running, press the "pause", all can be edited with a blue border, according to "edit" to change, is completed, press "continue" to continue to run the program.

•Thirdly, after the process is complete, open the sample compartment, and remove the sample.

•Shutdown: the right side of the instrument "on stop" switch to "stop" position, the rear panel of the instrument "ON / OFF" to "OFF" position, turn off the power.

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