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Institute of Medical Imaging

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According to the overall development of college and the discipline construction needs, the department of medical imaging was established on April 6th, 2005 after the in-depth research, based on the original research.

This is based on medical imaging center and medical imaging specialty and made of 4 research subjects including “Treatment of intervertebral disc herniation by intervertebral disc injection of O3”, “T2-weighted MRI diffusion in the application of spinal disease diagnosis”,

“Research of CT scans in isolation spherical lesion lungs blood supply situation and its expression in biological behavior”, “Comparative study between wide right pulmonary artery diameter of CT lung cancer patients and the normal”. The experimental center of medical college is our assistance and we can use advanced equipment to carry out the research work.

There are 3 branches of Spinal Lesions Lab, Pulmonary Vascular Lesions Lab, and Lung Cancer Lab. We use the special sequence of MRI to observe the microscopic diffusion of water molecules in living tissues by the application of DWI, the latest imaging method. So we can distinguish tumor necrosis and survival tumor tissue, identify the soft tissue changes and tumor recurrence after treatment and we also can identify benign tumors or vertebral compression fractures. Treat the real intervertebral disc disease with an injection of O3. This is an overview of Spinal Lesions Lab. Pulmonary Vascular Lesions Lab and Lung Cancer Lab take the different ways like SGA, MRIA etc. to observe and analyze the structure, morphology and/or blood supply of “tumor” and obtain the corresponding data in order to attain the propensity attributes of biology behavior.

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