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HITACHI U-3900 Spectrophotometer

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HITACHI U-3900 Spectrophotometer

The device features:

Meet the needs of multi-spectral research fields such as life sciences and new materials that can be used for research, teaching and quality control. Main technical characteristics: micro-focus optical path length automatic conversion and pools combined, can measure very small sample (less than 5uL); auto-correction and auto-diagnostic function can guarantee the high reliability of the analysis results; instruments with a variety of quantitative analysis as kinetic analysis system, color analysis systems and remote measurement system, data can be output directly to the MS-EXCEL software, and printing reports; high sensitivity photomultiplier tube, 0.1nm bandwidth still exhibit high performance; various test items are listed in the siege of computed values and standards, the results easy to read; double beam, 0.015% of stray light, wavelength accuracy of ± 0.1nm, baseline stability 0.0002Abs / h.

The basic operating procedures:

1. Start, preheat 15min.

2. Double-click the desktop icon corresponding open interface.

3. Data Processing Window Options content, including a total of three:

4. Shutdown: Close the lamps, then close the monitor windows. Turn off the lights, and then close the window.

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