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Human Anatomy And Embryology

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The 23 pedagogical personnel , 5 professors (two professors state government subsidies), 7 associate professors, 7 lecturers and experimental division, 4 assistants and technicians.

Research Direction:

1. An ulcer neuroendocrine regulation

2. Brain damage repair process and Drug Intervention

3. Gene expression and tumor genesis and drug-related research

National Natural Foundation has funded two projects, the provincial Science and Technology Department, Education Department and the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. Dozens of research projects currently in development.Since 2000, there has been 4 provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, municipal science and technology progress. Joint training of Hebei Medical University, worked with a master's degree graduate job application for more than 30 employees, four of whom ascend to the ranks of Dr. after studies. Focused on building scholars in recent years, 10 people participated in the preparation of national textbooks. Including "human anatomy" and practice guidance; "histology and embryology" and internship guidance. "Histology and Embryology" won second prize in the national outstanding teaching in 2005. This discipline not only completed Human Anatomy and Embryology traditional teaching, but also for the undergraduate students opened a "medical electron microscopy". This course deepens the morphology teaching efforts to broaden the knowledge of students. Obtaining significant results in the "Advanced Micro Devices introduced the world's medical students teaching practice" Teaching research projects, won the provincial teaching and scientific research in 2003.

Basic Equipment:

1. JEM100CX type electron microscopy (with scan attachments) ; 4 LKB ultra microtome machine, paraffin, 3 frozen section machine; color image analysis system.

2. sets of color photomicrography equipment, 1 set of digital photomicrography equipment; set of human skeleton measuring instrument.

Our Aim:

Unity, Hard work, Pioneering in teaching standards, Research capacity,and strive for greater achievements, and we are willing to serve the students and faculty in research, Hebei North University's colorful glory.

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