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Joe Owusu

Time:2018 02 01 Click:13266

If you've ever travelled to the Emirati homeland you'll understand that to call the lifestyle extravagant would be an understatement. My name is Joe Owusu and I am from Ghana. I'm my first year studying medicine at Hebei north university in china.

When I applied to study at the university I was concerned about the language barrier. It daunted me to think about how I was going to fit in with

my mother tongue being Arabic and the language spoken in the country being Chinese. To my surprise, everything went smoothly.

The course is outlined in a way that ultimately is aimed to ensure students gain a full understanding of basic concepts. All international students are

required to write the HSK exam which is a Chinese proficiency exam. Incorporated in the first year is learning the Chinese language.

Initially, I would get frustrated at being unable to pronounce tones, however, today I speak Chinese pretty fluently and feel advantaged at times as I am able to communicate with the natives.

I can proudly say I am multilingual thanks to Hebei North University. The medical course exceeds amazing. The lecturers are efficient and highly qualified

with outstanding qualifications.

Coming from an international hub, I feel very comfortable as the lifestyle encompasses an array of experiences that not only aids the learning

process but it reminds a student of the international surrounding whilst feeling right at home.
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