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L-8900-Type Amino Acid Analyzer

Time:2014 08 05 Click:1262

L-8900-Type Amino Acid Analyzer

The main features of this device:

L-8900 amino acid analyzer can do the amino acid separation, automated analysis and testing of the system derived, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, feed, agriculture, breeding, medical research, clinical diagnosis and geological investigation and other fields. The main technical indicators:

1.An analysis time:

Protein hydrolysate: 20 minutes

Physiological fluids: 70 minutes

2. Sensitivity: 3pmol (S / N = 2, Asp)

3. Retention time repeatability: CV 0.3% (Arg), the peak area reproducibility: CV 1.0% (Gly, His)

4. Ninhydrin reaction buffer solution and packaged separately, and mixed immediately before the reaction of amino acids, each of the solution can be kept for one year

5. Ammonia exclusion techniques, nitrogen was bubbled through technology