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Institute of Microcirculation

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The department of Microcirculation was established in 2004 licensed by the Hebei Province Education Department, directly affiliated to college research institutions. It is the attached unit of the Professional Committee of Microcirculation in Hebei Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. We have a powerful scientific research team. Many of our members enjoy the special government allowances, and many of them are the young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contribution in Hebei Province.

We opened up a new field of Lymph microcirculation research, published 106 academic theses both at home and abroad, made science and technology achievements of 7 items (provincial level of 4 items and departmental & city level of 3 items) such as Hebei Science and Technology Progress Award. The institute was planned in the “The featured and preponderant research areas in our province” by Hebei province natural science fund committee. We are known as “The Center of the Domestic Research on Lymph Microcirculation”.

We are researching microcirculation in six dimensions of basis, clinical, rheology, body fluids, cells, molecules, and carrying out the basic research and applied research and establishing the systematic microcirculation research platform especially for life-threatening gravely diseases. At present, we are researching 8 items of the national natural science foundation of China, Hebei province natural science foundation and the municipal level subjects.

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