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College of Science

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Faculty of science was founded in 2005, under the departments of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, Department of applied chemistry and two institutes of modern optics. There are 12 teaching experimental centers and 5 undergraduate majors (Mathematics and applied Mathematics, Information and Computer Science, Physics (including Medical Physics), Chemistry, applied Chemistry) and 5 specialties (Mathematics education, Physical education, Chemistry education, fine chemicals and production technology, industry analysis and testing). Existing students add up to 1,134. Colleges adhere to people-orientation, innovation, paying attention to quality education, constantly improving the quality of education, and trained a large number of outstanding talents for the country.

We have an existing Institute staff of 102 people, 12 professors, 20 associate professors and 47 lecturers.

Organizational structure of College Party Committee: consists of 9 branches, 4 of which are staff branches, 5 student branches.

The college has a support scholarship, concentrated teaching and has high academic and research level of teachers team, XuYongchun Professor was named County, Zhangjiakou City, “sanbahongqishou”; di Qu Professor was named County, Zhangjiakou City, seventh session ten excellent youth; Li Chongxiang Professor obtained 2010 fourth session national education research excellent results first prize, national education reform excellent teaching papers contest first prize, third session Spring Cup national excellent teaching papers contest first prize, 2010 degrees national excellent education workers, National education reform teachers, national education model; Wang Yongli, an Associate Professor social scientist, Hebei province, won the first prize, Mayor of Zhangjiakou City, Grand Prize, 333 talent project in Hebei province the third level and other honorary titles.

In recent years, the college has undertaken more than 50 national natural science funds. Domestic and foreign professional journals published more than 800 articles and research papers, of which more than 30 papers collected by SCI and EI which has won achievement awards. After years of exploration and research to establish stable research institutions, such as the classical groups, Combinatory and algebraic research and applications theory, harmonic analysis and approximation on a sphere, chaos and its application and study on the application of infrared technology. There are 15 researchers of the Institute of applied chemistry, environmental chemistry, materials chemistry, herbs extract, hydrogen battery performance in collaboration with Peking University to improve research, carried out in cooperation with the Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Research Institute of diphenylmethane synthesis model, which “diphenylmethane synthesis” project has been municipal Bureau of science and technology project.

The college is focused on discipline construction and teaching reform, pioneering ideas and seeks development. I gradually worked out a set of comparatively mature training model, forming distinctive training features. The current foundation was named Colonel-level key disciplines of mathematics, advanced algebra, trigonometry, math analysis, advanced mathematics, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, electromagnetic, electronic circus.
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