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Laboratory of Hebei North University

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Laboratory animals are one of the experimentation methods performed on non-human animals that helps mankind to understand the applications of vast field of science and its changes on human beings. Animals have repeatedly been used through the history of biomedical research. HBNU has its own animal center that breeds the laboratory animals such as mice, rabbits and pigeons that are to be used by the foreign students to perform medical experimentations. These laboratory animals are used in many subjects that are been taught in HBNU such as pathophysiology, pharmacology and behavioral medicine. Every student in HBNU is participating on his peak to understand the medical progress using these animals on laboratory as well as on environmental levels.

There are different lab rooms in which the newly born animals are kept in incubators under controlled and well-maintained factors in order to observe the changes affecting them however, there are different feed processing plants that are to observe the effects of various feeds on the hosts.

These medical experiments are performed by the foreign students on their 3rd year of medicine where each student is requested to observe as well as operate these experiments on their own under the supervision of their teachers and lab attendants. 

In these laboratories some new life sciences are being experienced such as crossbreeding. 

Crossbreed animals:
Animals are crossbreed in order to obtain more benefits with less efforts such as more meat, milk and strength. Under the roof of HBNU, in these laboratories such magnificent and breathtaking experiments are being held.
Crossbreed animals

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