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College of Foreign Languages

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College of Foreign Languages of Hebei North University consists of two departments established in October 2005. The existing full-time staff is of 78 and students are of 713.

College of foreign languages: undergraduate English, undergraduate Japanese, English education specialist, specialist applied English, business English language specialist.

The college consists of three functional sections: the integrated office, teaching and research department, student work division (league). There are five departments: the foundation of English, department of English language and literature, department of English language and culture university, department of applied English, foreign language teaching and research; there are eight language labs and a reference library.

The college adheres to the teaching center, strengthening discipline construction, professional development, and teaching reform. The curriculum is fully rational, scientific and standardized; we established a relatively perfect teaching quality monitoring system. The college always adheres to the scientific concept of education and teaching, students’ all-round moral qualities, professional skills and cultural enrichment. According to the characteristics of foreign language teaching and learning, students participate in a variety of professional practice activities, such as “Foreign Language Corner”, English speech contests, drama competitions, so as to gain professional knowledge and skills to deepen and improve the quality of teaching. Currently, the college has two university-level courses, which are “college English” and “voice lessons”.

College of Foreign Languages has teachers with a vibrant and practical work, highly entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, including 73 full-time teachers, 5 professors or associate professors, 19 teachers with a master’s degree, and one with Ph.D. We make sure staff to have the college education training and job training, encourage and urge young teachers to pursue a degree or post-graduate education and improve their education levels. There are plans to send out teachers to visit and attend conferences, to update their knowledge. Some of the teachers went to the United States, New Zealand, Spain, Canada and other countries to study, or visit schools there. In addition, the college also urges departments to adhere to the way of collective classes, lectures and other systems to improve teachers’ professional skills and take effective measures to help teachers improve the teaching level. Our college hires foreign teachers and invites foreign experts to give lectures.

Our college also attaches great importance to the scientific research. School teachers in recent years finished a number of scientific research to ministries and national commitment and a number of provincial scientific research, published various papers in the core academic journals and more than 400 articles in journals above the provincial level, involving many fields of linguistics, literature, teaching, translation and cross-cultural. We also published more than 20 monographs and edited and translated materials, tools, books, etc. Over these years, the college has trained and supplied a lot of high academic achievers, graduates of outstanding working ability. Students had a hearing test first national examination to obtain good results in the country; 1 student received the National English Contest Grand Prize; 4 students won the grand prize in Hebei Students English Speech Contest, the second prize, and the Excellence Awards; they are also recommended to CCTV announcer of any outstanding student in English. Graduates have passed the national famous schools like Tsinghua University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Renmin University of China, Nankai University, Beijing Normal University and other institutions of graduate students, some inter-school exchange students were selected to studyabroad, and some became the personnel of China’s foreign relations or English teachers in various schools. Others working hard at home and abroad have brought great achievements by the employer received.

College of Foreign Languages constantly updates teaching the concept and deepen the educational reform. Teachers and students are of high morale, indomitable spirit to create a higher, faster, stronger education. People of Hebei North University will work together to make the school better than before.

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