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Agilent Technologies HP1200 Preparative HPLC

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Agilent Technologies HP1200 Preparative HPLC

HP1200 chromatograph preparation
The device features:
Quaternary pump + UV detector + autosampler. The isolated compound is mainly used to analyze, especially for the high-boiling, difficult vaporization of volatile, organic compounds and the detection of poor thermal stability of living matter. Quality standards in drug formulation, pharmacokinetics, clinical aspects of drug control, in vivo drug analysis has incomparable superiority, and to ensure analytical results qualitatively and quantitatively with high accuracy and precision.

HP1200 preparative chromatography procedures
Booting: power on the computer, and then open the host computer, enter the Win interface, open chromatograph various parts supply. Double-click the icon ONLINE, instrument self-test, enter the workstation.
Editing method: a new method for editing based on the detected samples.
The method of operation: ON-click the icon to run the method, the various parts of the instrument to be said that the icon turns green when the sample analysis can be carried out.
IV Injection: The injection valve counter-clockwise to load the file, use the injector to draw an amount of the sample and inserted into the sample cell, the sample is injected smoothly and quickly, immediately clockwise spin injection valve to inject files into separate samples collected, the instrument will automatically collect the required components.
Irrigation system: the complete detection, buffer salts used and the acid-base solution, first with 100% water flush system, and wash once with methanol (reverse phase column), the appropriate selection phase column is then washed.
Rinse injector: pull the injector to the Load position, rinse several times with an appropriate solvent syringe. If you used the salt phase, will have to rinse the inlet, while pulling the injection valve several times.
Shutdown: Click the icon off, quit an online program, return to win interface, switch off the instrument, and then close, and finally shut down the computer.
Fill in the use of recording: the use of the instrument recorded on the day specified in the record, including the starting and ending time of the instrument used, problems and solutions, signed on the user's name.

Note: chromatographic reagents used must be pure.

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