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Sigma Sartorius Frozen Centrifuge

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Sigma Sartorius Frozen Centrifuge | Hebei North University

First, the technical parameters of the equipment

1. The maximum capacity of 6 x 85 m; maximum speed of 30000 rpm; minimum speed of 100 rpm.

2. The temperature setting range is -20°C ~ +40°C.

3. The fastest acceleration time of 30 sec, the minimum deceleration time of 14 sec.

4. Maintenance-free brushless motor.

Secondly, the main features of the device

1. Centrifuges maximum centrifugal force of up to 60000g more.

2. Centrifuge speed ranges from 100 rpm ~ 30000 rpm, set in steps 1 rpm.

3. Centrifuge motor automatic identification can prevent misuse.

4. A variety of specifications angle rotor options, ranging from micro-centrifuge tube adapter tube to 85 ml.

5. The configuration and efficient refrigeration system. The temperature range is -20°C ~ +40°C.

6. The operation can be completed without the centrifuge motor pre-cooling.

7. High-quality motor system, automatic centrifuge lid locking function.

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