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Main Laboratory

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Laboratory Construction

The school attaches great importance to laboratory work therefore founded the laboratory work committee to carry on the secondary management system of the school (department) laboratory, and establish a complete laboratory management with rules and regulations. By deepening the reform of experimental teaching contents, methods and means, to create the conditions to open and improve the proportion of comprehensive and designing experiments, to speed up the pace of opening laboratory. It has played an important role for cultivating high-quality talents, developing science and technology and serving local economic construction.

There are more than 40 kinds of laboratory in the school, which are undertaking the professional teaching experiments, research experiments and social service task. The laboratory usable area is about 5549 m2, with 4304 units (pieces) instruments and equipment of more than 10,000 yuan, and the instruments and equipment for teaching and scientific research with a total value of nearly 90 million yuan. There are about 400 existing experimental teaching staff.

Medical College Laboratory
Medical College Histology And Embryology Lab
Human Anatomy Lab
Biology Lab
Pathophysiology Lab
Physiology Lab
Stomatology General Lab
Pathology Lab
The First Pharmacy Lab
The Second Pharmacy Lab
Forensic Medicine Lab
Department Of TCM TCM General Lab
Medical Technology Parasitological Lab
Immunology Lab
Biochemistry Lab
Preventive Medicine Lab
Clinical Test Lab
Microbiology Lab
Computer Lab
Medical Physics Lab
Nursing Lab
Medical Image Lab
Anesthesia General Lab
Agriculture And Forestry
Sci-Tech College
Plant Biochemistry Lab
Crop Production Lab
Plant Protection Lab
Food Technology Lab
Horticulture Lab
The Physical & Chemical Experiment Center
Animal Science College Animal Anatomy Physiology Lab
The Veterinary Health Inspection Lab
Cases Of Infectious Diseases Lab
The Stockman Basis
Feed Engineering Lab
Animal Production Lab
College Of Science Foundation Lab
Software Lab
Hardware Lab
Physics Lab
Chemistry Lab
Mathematics Lab
Department Of Eco-Management General Lab

Experiment Center

The experiment center consists of cell biology lab, molecular biology lab, pharmacology research lab and electron microscope room. There are more than 10 sets of large equipment like flow cytometry instrument, transmitting mirror, high performance liquid chromatography, vacuum freeze drying machine and so on. Now, the experiment center can carry out multi-level and multi-dimensional work, from macroscopic to microscopic, from cells to molecules, from form to function. It has undertaken a number of provincial scientific research subjects in recent years. The experiment center has become the important platform of scientific research and talent training in school.

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