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MBBS in China Fee Structure 2017

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As one of the most relevant and important questions asked by most students looking to study abroad, affordability plays a key role in the preparations toward college education. Fortunately for those who are interested in studying MBBS at a low cost, China gives you a chance to chase a very prestigious dream at a very low cost, and are under world class standards and recognized by all appropriate and necessary governing bodies.

There are many great reasons to study MBBS in China and the primary reason is the affordable educational costs fees. In average, a 6-years bachelor's MBBS degree in a Chinese university will usually cost at least half the price of those charged by colleges all around the world. Apart from the fact that Chinese colleges are highly affordable, their teaching and training systems are of very high standard. They have world class professors and lecturers who dedicate themselves into ensuring that the best quality education is given to all students. In addition to that, there are ultramodern facilities and research systems that are aimed to cater the needs of students. The average tuition fee for courses in MBBS ranges from 2500 USD (around16,000 RMB) to 9900 USD (around 60,000RMB) yearly. Please note that these are not the exact fees, and you should visit for more information on the MBBS courses and their fee structures for all the schools that offer them.

For schools with low tuition fees, students might want to look at universities such as Weifang Medical University in the Shandong province, which costs 22,000RMB per year. Ningbo University is also quite affordable with fees of 25,000RMB per year.  Another option is the Xiamen University, which costs 26,000RMB a year. These school fees come with accommodation and normally offer scholarships that cover tuition fees if secured by students.

What are the Benefits of Studying in China?

These are the benefits derived from studying in China:
1. China surrounds students with the right atmosphere which enables all students to study in happiness and satisfaction, while making students feel at home with the hospitality of the natives.

2. The skills and knowledge that is gotten from the professors and lecturers are of high standard. A standard many will rightly match with that of Europe and the US.

3. Graduate students from China Universities are qualified to work in any Country. They are also qualified to sit any examination for a higher qualification in any country.

4. Over 89% of graduates from china stand out wherever they go due to the rich and exceptional internship opportunities and practical teaching lessons adopted by the colleges and universities in China.