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The Second Session of

Time:4 January 2017 Click:4971
On 10th December, the second session of "star of hope" medical foundation knowledge competition organized by the basic medical school ended successfully. Hebei North University Vice Principal Zhang Hui, Professor Liu Pifeng, the professor from the First Affiliated Hospital and the basic medical school made a comment.

After nearly three months, eight students finally entered the final competition. Before the competition, the contestants discussed the causes of disease through the clinical medical knowledge and a disease on the human organ, from anatomy, histology, pathology, physiology and other basic medical angles and extended the knowledge of clinical diagnosis and treatment. In the final match, the contestants made all kinds of teaching models and gave a speech in the form of PPT. After fierce competition, 2014 clinical medicine undergraduate Wei Lun from class 2 won the championship.

The competition provided opportunities for students to improve themselves. More importantly, it made students realize the relationship between basic medical knowledge and clinical medical knowledge, enhance the enthusiasm of learning and innovation consciousness.

Star of Hope

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