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HBNU won the title for the scale of students.

Time:5 August 2014 Click:3080

Recently, Hebei Province Department of Education published the "2012 Annual Hebei International Educational Exchange advanced collective" list. In 2012, the school at the right leadership of the provincial education department and the strong support, in accordance with the "Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan" identified the international cooperation and exchanges in various tasks and requirements to carry out the work and make a number of pioneering significance with rich results.

In 2012, the University of Salamanca, Spain, the United States Grand Canyon University, USA Concordia University, the University of Alabama and other U.S. universities visited our school to discuss cooperation matters. Our school with these foreign universities collaborated in research, teacher training, student exchanges and other aspects of establishment for a broad partnership. By the end of 2012, our students had reached more than 460, from countries like, Pakistan, Nepal, Ghana, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Canada, Britain, Germany and Kazakhstan.

According to CSC statistics, in 2012 the scale of our students ranked first in the country. Due to effective services in place to students in our school, which has been recognized and praised by majority of students and parents. Meanwhile, to further improve the educational level of our students, with support from the Education Department of Hebei Province, our school enrolled for the first time in China, students for postgraduate in medicine and also the school of pharmacology. HBNU with the right leadership of the provincial education department and the strong support will continue have high-spirited state of mind, rigorous and pragmatic attitude, innovative ideas for work and strive to create an international education exchange and cooperation in the work of a new situation.

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