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Dr. Van C.Kelley From Nanke Datta State University Visited HBNU

Time:5 August 2014 Click:4166

Dr. Van C.Kelley of the Nanke Datta State University of Agriculture and Forestry, and the American College of Biological Sciences visited our school on November 29th. Vice-Chancellor Professor Niu Chunyu, vice president of Agricultural Engineering at China Agricultural University, Ministry of Agriculture project chief expert Professor Wang Decheng, a member of HBNU project of Animal Science Liu River, associate professor Ma Shuqing, and Professor Xu Tong, the director of International Education and Exchange Center and deputy director Professor Yang Weifu also attended the discussion. At the forum, Vice President Niu Chunyu and Dr. Van C.Kelley first extended a warm welcome and sincere greeting. Dr. Van C.Kelley hope that through this visit to the school, both sides can establish extensive cooperation in relation to the field. Dr. Van C.Kelley of Nana Datta State University of Agriculture and Forestry and also the Dean of the American College of Biological Sciences said Nanya Datta State University and Hebei North University has a certain similarity in the professional setting, with the hope that both sides will maintain close ties to carry out in-depth education cooperation and academic exchanges, so that more teachers and students will benefit from the cooperation and exchanges between the two sides.

After the meeting, the two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation. Dr. Van C.Kelley also visited HBNU life science research centers. Nanya Data State University was establish in 1862, the NSC Data state Vermillion, the school that covers 216 acres, is a public university. The University of Southern Taiwan Science Park is one of the members of the system with Data State University. The school is the flagship school and the historic university in the state, with the state's only School of Law, School of Medicine and School of Art, also features Arts and Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry, Biological Sciences, School of Business, Education, Fine Arts, Health Sciences, honor curriculum classes, graduate school and so on. The school has 113 undergraduates, masters and many doctoral programs.

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