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Why is it easier to get into Medical Schools in China?

Time:24 February 2017 Click:5504

China boast an incredible number of approximately 45 Medical School that are recognised by the MOE-China. Based on this it opens doors to many international students who face difficulties in gaining acceptance in their own countries. As most countries have initiated a “Quota System” in their admission process, chances of acceptance are minimal.

Most countries also face the sad truth of possessing a low standard of tertiary education as well as limited seat in their institutions resulting in most students being unable to pursue their dream of becoming a medical doctor. However the ever so competent and effacement country has room for the demand and by the Chinese “Fair Nature”, everyone is afforded a fair opportunity. The country also boast excellent facilities with minimal academic requirements and very seldom the daunting “entrance examination” which most countries deem necessary to implement to gain admission.

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