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Study In China For Pakistani Students

After writing the Pakistani secondary education exam and giving it another try after my results didn’t turn up with flying colors, I almost gave up on medical school. I got frustrated to the point of almost giving up on medical school. I even tried to take a biological science course in the university so I could obtain a Bachelor of Science.

I wanted to study Bachelor of Science so that I may be able to apply to any medical school back home in Pakistan, but in my second year I noticed my predecessors who also had those same plans and had finished their Bachelor of Science degrees were having a hard time and wasn’t able to enter into medical school through that route. So when the opportunity to study medicine in China presented itself I didn’t take long to decide to take it.

Considering my life today, I thank Allah for taking my life’s journey through this path. Today I study MBBS in Hebei North University (a higher ranked university than universities in my homeland Pakistan). For me as a Pakistani national, I am treated as a welcomed guest here in China, as China-Pakistani relations are and have always been very good. We have a good Pakistani community here in China. Therefore, I don’t feel lonely. The facilities in my school compared to most medical universities back home have much more ultra-modern equipment.

Another thing great for me here is that this opportunity to studying abroad gives me exposure to more methods and lines of treatment which sometimes differ from those used in Pakistan so it affords me a world view of medicine compared to my colleagues in Pakistan. And with quite a long history of many Pakistanis before me completing MBBS and returning home writing the license and practicing, I feel very confident and comfortable studying MBBS in China.

MBBS in China for a Pakistani is great and I recommend every one of my Pakistani brothers and sisters with the desire to study MBBS abroad to choose China as their destination.

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