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College of Economics and Management

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Hebei North University - School of Economics and Management is a combination of Arts and Sciences, Institute of integrated development. Its Predecessor was founded in 1986, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry and management of Zhangjiakou has a long history in colleges and universities, the teaching of economics and management under large scale units: Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Economics, 5 Department of Management Foundation and the Institute for Economic Research and Experimental Center. Existing majors include Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Agricultural Economics and Management, 4 undergraduate majors, Accounting and Audit, Financial Services, Insurance, E-Commerce and Logistics Management specialist professional. At present, the college students add up to 1,917, including 1,432 undergraduate students, 485 specialist students. School of Economics and Management has a total of 49 faculty members, among them are 6 doctors and 40 people full-time teachers with a master’s degree.

In recent years, the school of Economics and Management adhere to the connotation development, focusing on discipline construction, professional development and curriculum construction, strengthening and construction of the academic echelon of teachers, improving teaching quality, and strive to turn out for the country to adopt an innovative, professional talents with high quality, student employment and postgraduate entrance examination rates high among the forefront of the school.

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