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Bio-Rad Gel DocTM XR Gel Imaging System

Time:5 August 2014 Click:253

Bio-Rad electrophoresis offers imaging and analysis of solutions of the gel from the normal fluorescence imaging system GelDoc XR chemiluminescence imaging system ChemiDoc XRS. Bio-Rad to each imaging system comes standard with a one-dimensional analysis software Quantity One's.

Bio-Rad Gel DocTM XR basic operating procedures gel imaging system

1, power on, turn on the computer, plug in the key, open the application software Quantity One;

2, Double-click the icon to enter GelDocXR interface;

3, select the source: UV, white, transmission, metering, etc.;

4, the sample is placed in the boxes;

5, click to start shooting;

6, while shooting a good image is saved to a folder;

7, exit GelDocXR interface;

8, turn off the computer and power;

9,Remove the key.

Note: Retain Key

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