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American MD Company Spectra Max M2E Microplate

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American MD Company Spectra Max M2E Microplate | Hebei University

The device features

Dual grating, 1nm full wavelength detection path length, can 6-384 well microplates and cuvettes were testing, mainly for the absorption of light (UV - visible) (200-1000nm) and fluorescence (excitation range of 250 - detection 850nm) intensity, the secondary mode can detect time-resolved fluorescence and chemiluminescence. Can automatically convert microplate readings of OD values into 1cm light path cuvette OD value, equivalent cuvette, avoid pipetting errors. Plate reader can microplate mixing shock, temperature cultivation bottom reading capabilities. Supporting software for instrument set, data collection, data analysis and calculation of the curve, such as the results of the processing establishment.

Multifunctional detector use

1. open the computer operating software SoftMaxPro;

2. Click the setting is set, according to the experimental needs, set the relevant parameters

3. Setup, click the READ begin testing

4. After reading the values copied to Excel to save

5. Exit SoftMaxPro program

Note: Multifunctional detector requires connection with high - quality UPS power supply, avoid restarting frequently, and restart once a month.

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